A Bra Makers Take on Facemasks

Building a Constructive Product





Each Mask purchased equals one given to a healthcare or front-line worker

Since the request of the CDC for the general public to wear a face covering in crowded areas we have developed a small collection of face masks in addition to our volunteer program (learn more about that below). They are offered in a variety of shapes, sizes and prices. 

We believe everyone deserves protection. We are offering large group packs to help bring the cost down for organizations who wish to purchase and protect their workers. 

What Makes A Face Mask Effective? 


Over the last few weeks our time and cutting resources have been directed towards cutting kits for distribution to the local public and have made over 200 packets – containing everything needed to assembling a complete cotton double fold face mask. 

Why Fit is Important

An improper fitting mask can lead to air leaks, and an uncomfortable mask may not be not even be worn at all.

We have developed masks in a variety of sizes, styles and prices built to accommodate everyone.


What is the Volunteer Program?

Our Volunteer Program was originally set up to donate to only healthcare workers but we now offer our volunteers the option to distribute or keep the masks from the kits we provide – and we offer the availability of a downloadable/printable pattern for personal use to make with your own supplies.

We will continue provide you with the kit and everything you need until we run out.

Who have we helped?

So far we have been able to donate masks to Multiple Harris Hospital units, The Children’s Hospital and have more going to the the COVID unit at Harris again soon. We have also had requests from the Fort Worth JRB and many more.

How we have helped?

We have had a large amount of people requesting to purchase masks. It has been extremely difficult for us turn away people wanting to protect themselves and their families.

Thinking about shortage and the need for PPE forced us to contemplate a better way to produce even more.

We are professionals that feel are much better served to everyone by bringing our team back to the machines and quickly developing a quality product that helps all involved. 


One of the factors that makes a quality mask is how it is put together. To maintain proper filtration there must be a layer that is not perforated with holes from a sewing needle. 

Each mask we sell has 3 layers of Origami Folded polypropleen with no seams and no pins used in the process. 


What's Inside Counts

There are many things to consider when purchasing a facemask but the main factors are the material it is made from and how many layers are used, how it is constructed and the fit against your face.

Each mask made for the public contains 3 core layers of a polypropylene base fabric (a common non-woven fabric used in the production of medical face masks) that is  origami folded in the center to prevent unfiltered air from leaking into the mask. A natural result of small perforations made when fabric is stitched together.

We are offering Large group packs for families and workplaces

Creative solutions

We are especially proud to offer our new bra foam respirator which addresses many of the issues that can make a mask uncomfortable and less effective.  Adjustable comfort headband straps and a shape modeled after the sought after N95; places the mask away from the mouth when worn, making it less hot, more sanitary and comfortable to wear long term.