Custom Made Bras

Your Custom Fit

Taylor Lane began creating beautiful bras in 2002 and has since even written articles for a prominent sewing magazine on how tho clone your own favorite bra.

We offer multiple styling options and can customize a standard size to your color specifications. If your fitting issues are unique we can custom draft a bra pattern made from your measurements. We do not stock bras for sale or try on since each customers needs are assessed individually.

During your Consultation

Each appointment starts by talking about your needs and what you are looking for in a bra. During your consultation we will determine whether or not your will be able to fit one of our standard sizes or if you will need a custom pattern.

If you have a bra you like the fit of please wear it to your fitting. Un-padded or lightly padded bras work the best to help determine your actual true measurements.

Once your order is placed you will directed to our fitting room for detailed measurements. You will be asked to remove your shirt so we may accurately measure your bust. We provide a shaper garment to wear around the midriff for our more modest clients.

Once your measurements have been taken you will be scheduled for your 1st fitting appointment in a “Mock Bra” that will be made for fitting purposes. The amount of fitting appointments range from 2-3 total before your final piece is produced ensuring a perfect fit.

Let us custom make the perfect bra for you.

Our base pricing for a Custom Color Bra in a standard size starts at $150.00

If you desire a custom fit bra there is a one time patterning and fitting fee of an additional $150.00. Once your pattern is made it will be kept on file and any future bras purchases will be priced at the original base cost not including the pattern fee.