Custom Made Bras

Your Custom Bra

Every woman knows how difficult it can be trying to find the right fitting bra. The real problem is once you do find one you love; they tend to get discontinued or revised each season. If you wish to repurchase the same bra again, you may be out of luck.

What if you could have each detail customized to your specifications including the pattern and fit?

Taylor Lane offers women the chance to break free from bra fitting frustrations by offering custom fit bras in multiple styling and sizing options. Customize a standard size to your color specifications or if your fitting requirements are unique we can create a custom bra pattern per your specifications.

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Your Consultation

Each consultation appointment starts by talking about your needs and what you are looking for in a bra.

If you have a bra you like the fit of, please wear it to your consultation. This helps us get a good idea of issues you are looking to correct.

During your consultation, we will take basic measurements to determine your closest estimated size. We will also discuss styling, fit issues, and pricing options. Each customer’s needs are assessed individually, for this reason, we do not stock bras for sale.

Once we have determined your style and construction details, a basic quote will be put in writing to keep on hand. Whether or not you will need a custom fit or if a standard size will be determined during your 1st fitting appointment; for this reason, all quotes include the price with and without a custom pattern.

All custom patterns are a one time fee per style. They will be saved in your customer file for future use at no additional cost.

Your 1st fitting

Your 1st fitting 

If you are happy with your design and would like to dive right into your first fitting then we can write up your order and get you going.

A fitting garment called a  “Mock Bra” will be used during your first fitting appointment to establish a basic cup and underwire size.

If you are happy with the way our standard size fits, you will not need to purchase a custom pattern and can have your bra sent to directly to production.

If you do desire a custom pattern, we will proceed by making note of any necessary fitting adjustments to create the fit you desire.