Your Bra is something you wear every day

........ shouldn't it fit?

Each bra is made to your specifications with options to customize fit, fabric and construction.

Ever had a bra you loved but the straps were just a little too wide?
Or you loved your bra; it was perfect! Then they discontinued it or it wasn’t available in the right color. 

Yeah, us too! So, let’s fix that shall we!?

Once your set up is complete; reordering is easy. Each bra style has multiple fabrics and colors available to you when you reorder.

Questions about Our Process?

What Can I Expect During the Process
Order Online or Schedule a Consultation
If you order online we will set up a time for your 1st fitting to establish a base size. CLICK HERE to schedule a fitting consultation through our online portal. 

A  “Fitting Bra” will be used to establish your base size 
Our proprietary fitting bra uses a combination of  fitting features that when combined create an unprecedented level of customization and fit.

If your combination fits:
Your bra can be ordered in a standard size and sent to directly to production. (Please note that the only way we can guarantee fit on any garment is if a mock-up bra is purchased)  For more information read on ….

If your combination needs adjustments:

We will proceed by making note of any necessary adjustments to achieve the fit you desire. A mock-up bra (a crude garment for fit purposes) is drafted from the changes noted during your first fitting. This comes with 3 fittings and adjustments.

Each pattern process takes an average of 2-3 fittings. We work to get through each pattern as quickly as possible.


How Much Does a Custom Bra Cost

The Base price of our bras are dependent upon the styling and function you choose.

Would you like Foam? Is this a strapless, and demi or a full coverage bra? What are your specific fitting issues we should address? 

All of these questions have a huge impact on how your bra fits and how we draft the pattern. 

On average the base price of a bra is:

between $130 to $160 + a one time setup fee of $150 (per style)

Set Up Includes:

-3 fittings and pattern adjustments.

-A Mock Up Bra (test fitting garment) usually pinned and marked on, cut and refined for fitting purposes; allows you to try on the bra and approve the fit before final production. 

How Long Does the Initial Set up Process Take?

A custom bra in not a fast process but it is one of the most rewarding self care acts one can do for themselves.

The process to expect for a custom bra is:

– A consultation to establish your fit and style. 

– About 3 fittings (each spaced about 2-3 weeks) apart allowing time to adjust the pattern and alter the fitting bra in the sewing department.  

– Once the fitting garment is approved it will be sent to final production which takes an average of 2-3 weeks maybe a bit longer for special lace or delicate details.

Start to finish the entire set up process can take around 2 – 3 months. 


Do you have Bras in Stock?

Each client is individually shaped, for this reason, we do not typically carry in-stock bras.

What About Reorders?

If you wish to reorder a bra that has previously been set up in the same fabric and in a stock color (Beige, Tan, Brown and Black)  all you pay for is the base price of the bra.

Just give us a call and let us know you would like to reorder. 

Why Does the Process Take 3 Fittings?

The process for fitting a bra is very detailed and maticuloius process.

Multiple items such as the band, underwire,  cup volume, strap placement, back and body bands, as well as tissue placement and density all combine to make an almost endless combination of sizes. 

Each adjustment must be made in a specific sequence and done individually.  Due to unique volume distribution or lack of tissue pliability, some people require more fitting steps than others.

During your last fitting we will confirm all of your bras details and an estimated pickup date.

Based on how busy our production schedule is, a custom bra can take an average of 4-6 weeks to produce from the date of your FINAL fitting and pattern approval. 

What if I do not like my bra?

In a perfect world this wouldn’t be an issue, but just in case we do will not proceed to your final production garment until you have approved your mock up.

If you are not happy with your mock up after 3 fittings you will not be charged for the final price of the bra.

The Set Up fee of $150 is non-refundable and covers the pattern work and the mock up bra.

Add on's and Special Features

Our list of bra Add On’s are features that add a great deal either comfort or functionality to your bra.

Some examples are: comfort foam padding, padded straps, racer back converter clips, or removable straps.

Custom Swimwear

In our experience, swimwear is no different than the bra situation for many women. If you find your size, it seems that the tops or bottoms still never fit quite right.

The process for a custom swimsuit is exactly the same as it is for bras. 

We have put together a basic selection of swimwear bottoms that can be made from the same fabric as your top.  

Order a matching Waist Trainers as a set.

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