Size Chart, Care Instructions, and Lacing Information



How to Care for Your Bustier Corset


  • Never wash your corset in a washing machine.  True waist cinching corsets have steel stays inside that may rust and ruin the garment.
  • Always have your corset professionally cleaned.
  • A good way to keep the inside of your corset clean longer is to wear a thin tube top between your skin and the corset. It will protect the corset against perspiration and oils from your skin that may cause more frequent trips to the cleaners.
  • You may scotch guard your corset to protect it from minor spills.



How to Lace into your Corset

When you get your corset, it will be laced as tight as it will go for packaging.  Loosen your corset until you can clasp the whole front closure around your body.   Tighten the top and the bottom to desired tightness.  Tie off the bottom ties first, then tie off When you get your corset, it will be laced tightlythe center tie second.  By tying the corset at the center waist (as it is packaged) this allows the wearer to be able to tighten the top separate from the bottom. Note: If you do not have a front closure then loosen the lacing enough to turn the corset easily around your body.  Zip your corset with the laces facing forward so you can see them. Once zipped, turn it around so the lacing is in the back and then tighten it. Using a mirror to see behind you helps.

We hope you will enjoy your new bustier corset for years to come! If you still need assistance, give us a call or send us an email.