Designer Custom Gowns

Unique Concepts, Custom Made in Fort Worth, TX  

“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.”
— Marcus Aurelius 

Our Custom Gown Packages offer a flexible pricing structure

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Alterations with Built-in Foundations, Unique Color Combinations,
& Embroidery are a few of our specialties. 

 While understanding the inner secrets of a bridal gown is one of our major strengths; it is further built upon by detailed knowledge of how a dresses inner foundation and styling play together to make a with the shaping qualities of a corset. 

Embroidered Accents

Detailed embroidery adds small pops of color and a touch of elegance and personal style. 

Waist Reducing Corsets built-in for invisible support.

Taylor Lane began in as a corset manufacturer in 2003; our intimate knowledge of how the body shapes and molds is what sets us apart.  

The best place for drama is the gown

Lace work creates feelings of nostaligia with a twist of rock and roll. 

Speak your heart with shape and color

Our  vast color palates offer many options to reflect your personality and style. 

Bridal Pricing Packages 

The most common gown silhouettes broken down in easy to order terms

Close your eyes and picture the gown you would like to wear; now picture that gown standing in an open door with light beaming in so brightly that you can only make out the basic shape of the dress. Can you see it?

This is called the silhouette; this image is how we assist in getting you started on your path to choosing a gown package. 

Your dress and its structure are one of the main aspects of costing your gown; right along with the type of material and embellishments


Mutipule Ordering Options  

Made To Order Gowns in a Standard Size

 A Made To Order Gown is a previously designed garment made in a standard size and usually offered  in a select amount of fabrics

– This or the Made To Measure Option is the standard way most designers work with bridal shops and long distance clients.  It is normal for alterations to be needed because it is a standard size and not a custom fit.

Made To Measure

These gowns are the same choices from a made to order collection but are adjusted for your measurements before the gown is made.

– Although this can minimize the amount of alterations when the dress arrives; some may still be needed.

Custom Fit / Design

This is the most effective way to ensure your dress will fit and look exactly the way you want. 

-We will collaborate with you about every part of your gown from start to finish.  

– Each design will be made first into what we call a mock-up garment (a crude looking garment used for fitting purposes). 

– Your final order does not proceed until you have approved your final fit. 



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East of Downtown Fort Worth, TX 

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