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We are Located at 625 N .Sylvania Ave. just east of downtown Fort Worth, TX.  Taylor Lane is a full-service Atelier of bridal gowns, bras and corsets.

We make each piece from start to finish by hand in our shop.

We custom design, draft and manufacture:

  • Bridal Gowns
  • Custom Bras
  • Corsets and Shapers
  • Swimwear

We also:

  • Sell cash and carry Wedding Gowns
  • Offer Alteration Services
  • We stock a limited selection Standard Size Corsets  

When wearing a foundation garment such as a bra or a corset, proper fit is crucial for comfort and shape.

Our method of customizing the fit of bras and corsets is unlike anything you have experienced.

Each item can be made to order, customized to fit, or drafted as a bespoke garment made to your specifications.

We will walk you through the process of designing, ordering, and fitting a garment tailored to your specific needs.

A Sew News Magazine article written in 2005 by Taylor on Bra Fitting

Early 2000’s

How Taylor Got Started

In early 2001, Taylor was working her way through collage at hip night clubs wearing corset uniforms. She began making bras and corsets for herself as a solution to lack of finances and disillusionment with the quality, fit, and purchasing options available .

Although her degree was to be in the field of culinary arts, she was still finding her niche.  She had a natural talent for pattern drafting and garment fitting.  Growing up her mother owned an embroidery business; so she was familiar with the apparel decoration process.

Taylor also found a love of garments of a shaping nature. “It’s like sculpture but your working fabric as your tool and with each different person the medium is unique and changes. “

While finishing up her culinary degree Taylor began making custom garments for numerous people she knew and slowly the demand grew as the word spread.

 After graduating in 2004 Taylor still didn’t quit her day job. She took work at a popular Denver Sushi restaurant and received training as a professional sushi chef while still continuing to make custom garments on the side.

After 5 years in the sushi business, and working her way to a head chef position in Fort Worth, TX,  Taylor made the decision to pursue the path her heart was leading down.

early work

 Growing the Business

Once she began working with multiple body shapes it never ceased to amaze her how a few stiffened strips of cloth could morph a figure for the good or bad.  A beautiful lesson came of it as well. She had to ask what really is a “standard size”? 

With bras and corsets, if the unique form of the individual wearing it is not taken into account, the  desired outcome could be the exact opposite. With so many different shapes there really is no “standard”,  instead she structured her sizes as a starting point.   

To Taylor the corset has become a symbol of personal power and a cherished friend that has supported and held her tightly over the years.  

Taylor’s waist trainer product was originally worn after an accident as a personal solution to support her back while sitting at a sewing machine.  

2010 Taylor opened her 1st production shop in Arlington, TX  where she developed and produced her first line of basic and luxury corsets (available for purchase). Taylor also took on a consulting position working as a Director of  Design and Development for a western boot company, where she furthered her knowledge of garment manufacturing  and construction while working with factories in Leon, Mexico.

rising to the occasion / A personal letter from Taylor

Turning Personal Struggle into Strength

   Back pain has always been an infrequent issue for me and in 2014  I suffered from a serious fall in a horse in a riding accent which left me in intense pain and with minimal options. It would take years until I was officially diagnosed with an inoperable ruptured disk (due to the placement being behind my heart), Fibromyalgia, and essential tremors among a list other things.  I was told my pain would always be with me and all I could do was learn to manage it. 

After 2 years of seeing multiple  doctors and loads of medication, my body hit a breaking point.  I could no longer deny that my hands were unsteady and sitting at a sewing machine had become excruciating.

I made the heartbreaking decision in 2017 to close my shop and attend a full time month-long pain clinic. It was there that I was taught natural coping strategies such as yoga, meditation, biofeedback and began to learn Tai Chi with Qigong.   

Stepping back and letting go actually became the catalyst for a surprise resurgence of my body’s functions. Along with this came a perspective only hardship can bring. This period of life led me to learn about my body and become more dedicated to maintaining my personal goals. 

I began to possess strength I had never had and after 3 years of finding new and creative ways to staying active and healthy;  I was able to not only gain back my mobility but had also earned my license to teach yoga instruction and began learning to do small renovation projects on my outdated retail shop.

  Each successful step gave me confidence to try again. One project after another, a full year and about 45 gallons of paint later; I had accomplished a complete remodel that was 80%  completed with my own hands. I loved seeing results in me and in my space. It is a daily reminder that even if I am “broken”, I am still capable of so much.

Today I am proud to announce that we will be reopening for appointments in Mid May of 2021 with new cutting edge 3d body scan and drafting technology.

I am delighted to continue to offer customized innovative products with superior fit, comfort and style as our driving factors.

Even though my pain is still with me, I have now learned to view it as a gift; one that has brought me strength and perseverance while teaching me my limits as well as how to break them. 



Taylor Lane

Taylor Lane

A picture of my Dad teaching me to build and frame my first wall. It’s behind the giant mirrors that came next. Pattern making skills came in pretty handy when it came time to do the dress cabinets.