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“Life is about using the whole box of crayons”. 

Our Custom Corset Packages offer a flexible pricing structure

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Waist Trainers / Shapers

Bridal gowns begin with the right foundation garment. Our waist training corsets, released  in 2014 are capable of reducing your waist an average of 3-5 inches.  It is advisable to purchase this before your bridal gown, since it can drastically affect the fit. This corset creates the foundation upon which your gown will be altered.

After 15 years of research and perfecting the art of corsetry; our waist-reducing corset, inside of a shaper-like shell, is composed from the finest quality fabrics and internal materials. This waist cincher is breathable, light-weight and composed of 3 types of medical grade steel boning, strategically placed for maximum comfort.

We stock  a limited  selection of  Waist Trainers, Basic & Luxury Corsets in standard sizes XS-3X

Embroidered Accents

Detailed embroidery adds small pops of color a touch of elegance and personal style.



Details Baby!!!

This Leather and wool corset suit set is a geometrical dream with knife pleated trim and alternating that creates an elongating effect.

Styles that Break the Mold

Our Corsets are known for their unique shape and styling options and because they are made to be paired with denim or dressed up with heels and a pencil skirt they are appropraite for all occasions



The Avant-Bride


Development of personal style is a wonderful journey that drives us to consider personal values, lifestyle, and how we present ourselves to others.

Your wedding day is a momentous day for you and significant other; sending a signal to the world of your love and dedication. It is also a display of who you are as a couple and what moves you aesthetically.

The wedding dress and the elegant foundations it sits upon are the epitome of that statement.

Why not be bold in your you-ness?

You know what you like; now let us help you build upon those foundations.


“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”
― Henry David Thoreau

Corset Pricing Packages

The basic shape of a corset is what we call the silhouette, and

it’s how we assist you in getting started on the path to styling your own custom corset.

Mutipule Ordering Options 

Made To Order

A Made To Order Corset is a selection of our basic line or our luxury line, made in a standard size and offered in a selection of fabrics.

Made To Measure

The same as “Made to Order” but small refinements from a standard size are made such as to the height or circumference. This option eliminates the fitting process and for this reason any major changes will be prohibited.

Custom Fit

If you love a design but know for sure you will need a custom pattern; Each Custom Fit Corset comes with 3 fittings and pattern adjustments with all of the same silhouette selections. 

Custom silhouette

Have a special idea in mind that you do not see offered in our selection of silhouettes?We will discuss your vision putting pen ….or pencil to paper creating a custom shape drafted and designed from scratch just for you.  

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625 N. Sylvania Ave – Fort Worth, TX 76111