Corsetry made for Comfort and Impact

Our corsets are made with 3 types of medical grade steel boning; strategically placed for maximum comfort

Each Corset is made to your specifications; with the option to customize fit, fabric and construction.

Custom Corsets Price Levels

Questions about Our Process?

What Can I Expect During the Process
Order Online or Schedule a Consultation
If you order online we will set up a time for your 1st fitting to establish a base size. CLICK HERE to schedule a fitting consultation through our online portal. 

If you are local; we will establish your size with a fitting garment:

If fits a standard size:
Your corset can be ordered in a standard size and sent to directly to production. (Please note that the only way we can guarantee fit on any garment is if a mock-up is purchased)  For more information read on ….

If your combination needs adjustments:

We will proceed by making note of any adjustments that are necessary to achieve the fit you desire. A mock-up (a crude garment for fit purposes) is drafted from the changes noted during your first fitting. 

Each pattern process takes an average of 2-3 fittings. We work to get through each pattern as quickly and accuratley as possible.


What are the Base Costs For Corset Silhouettes

The Base price of our corsets are dependent upon the styling and function you choose.


Made To Order silhouette Pricing for Corsets

Corselette / Mini Cincher…………………………$264

Underbust / Waist Trainer Corset …………….$318

Regular Overbust Corset…………………………. $360

Corset with Straps…………………………………….$400 

Sweetheart Corset……………………………………..$420

Off The Shoulder Corset……………………………$500

Mermaid Gown Corset Foundation…………….$550

Basque Style Corset w/ Built in Bra ……………$750 +add $150 for a built-in Mermaid Gown 


How Long Does the Initial Set up Process Take?

The process to expect for a custom bra is:

– A consultation to establish your fit and style. 

– About 3 fittings (each spaced about 2-3 weeks) apart allowing time to adjust the pattern and alter the mock-up garment in the sewing department.  

– Once the mock up is approved it will be sent to final production which takes an average of 2-3 weeks maybe a bit longer for special lace or delicate details.

From Start to finish the entire set up process can take around 2 – 3 months more for intracate or special designs.


Do you have Corsets in Stock?

Yes! We carry a selection of our Basic Line, Waist Training Cinhers and select pieces from our Luxury Line availible  in Sizes XS – 3X 

Is there a way to try on a standard size before I purchase?

If you are still unsure after using our printable measuring tool about how our sizing will fit;

COMING SOON – We plan to offer an in-home fitting service in which we will mail a fitting system to your door, allowing you to try on 3 size combinations that are closest to your measurements. An online fitting session will be scheduled to help walk you through how our system works and to support you in finding your best size.

The Online Fitting service will run about an hour on average and the cost is $50. Terms apply.

What About Reorders?

If you wish to reorder a Corset that has previously been set up in the same fabric and in a stock color (Beige, Tan, Brown and Black)  all you pay for is the base price of the bra.

Just give us a call and let us know you would like to reorder. 

Why Does the Process Take 3 Fittings?

The process for fitting a Corset or any kind of Shapewear is a detailed and meticulous process.

Multiple items such as the band, underwire,  cup volume, strap placement, back and body bands, as well as tissue placement and density all combine to make an almost endless combination of sizes. 

Each adjustment must be made individually and in a specific sequence to insure proper fit.  Due to unique volume distribution or lack of tissue pliability, some people require more fitting steps than others.

During your last fitting we will confirm all of your corsets details and an estimate a pickup date.

Based on how our production schedule; a custom corset can take an average of 4-6 weeks to produce from the date of your FINAL fitting and pattern approval. 

What if I do not like my Corset?

In a perfect world this wouldn’t be an issue.  Just in case; our standard policy for custom fit orders is to proceed only after you have approved your mock up.

If you are not happy with your mock up after 3 fittings you will not be charged for the final price of the garment.

The Set Up and fitting fees are non-refundable as they are for services rendered that cover pattern work and the sewing costs of the mock up garments or garments.

If long distance; how can I establish what size I should order?

We understand how hard online purchases can be, so we have developed process to assist you in finding the perfect fit.

First, we will send you our printable measuring tool that was developed to our standard sizing system. Once printed it is placed against the body according to instructions (included in the print out) and the numbers are recorded and used to find the size that is your closest fit.

What is your return policy?

If by a rare circumstance your garment was made in the wrong fabric or has a defect please let us know within 5 business days and we will send you a shipping label so we can process the return and correct the error.

We will only accept returns if an item was made to incorrect specifications, such as Custom Colors and Custom Fit garments.

Corset Silhouettes

Waist Trainer

Regular Overbust Corset

Sweetheart Overbust Corset

Corset with Straps

Off the Shoulder Corset

Foundation Corset for Mermaid Gowns

Add on's and Special Features

A corset add-on is a set of features that add a great deal either comfort or functionality to your corset.

Some examples are garter straps, crystal studs, embroidery or lace work.

Custom Bras and Swimwear

In our experience, swimwear is no different than the shapewear  situation for many women. If you find your size, it seems that the tops or bottoms still never fit quite right.

The process for a custom swimsuit is exactly the same as it is for bras, gowns and corsets. 

We have put together a basic selection of swimwear bottoms that can be made from the same fabric as your top.

Order a matching Waist Trainers as a set.

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