Help Us Beat the Curve

Feeling helpless and want to do SOMETHING? Volunteer!!

Over the next two weeks our time and cutting resources will be directed towards training our local general public to assist in sewing masks for healthcare workers from home.


We will be distributing pre-made packets – containing everything needed to volunteer/assist in assembling a complete cotton double fold face masks for our local healthcare workers.


Sign up here for pick up and learning assistance. (available classes will be scheduled during the days between the 28th – 5th)


Scroll down to see a how to video for our specific kit assembly instructions – Or use the  downloadable/printable pattern for personal use to make with your own supplies.



Face Mask Assistance Sign up

This helps us track who would like to help and how many we estimate we can deliver. Also information about when you would like to pick up / drop off.
  • Volunteer Information

    Please tell us about yourself.
  • We will not use this to sell you anything in the future! Your email will remain strictly for these communication purposes only.
    Please keep in mind; at this time we only have about 400 masks to distribute.
    Please do not commit to a quantity you can not fulfill.


Download the Pattern

Once Printed; the square in the pattern should measure 2×2 inches.