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Designer Sample – Black and Brown Small Goat Suede Coat with Fox Fur Trim

Designer Sample – Black and Brown Small Goat Suede Coat with Fox Fur Trim


This is a Coat and Corset unlike any other you have ever seen!

It contains waist reducing corset techniques built into the inner structure and uses the same variety of steel boning as our other corsets.

The fur on the hood zips off and the fur cuffs are magnetically attached and removable revealing underneath a simplistic embroidery detail of a Celtic leaf border.

The front zips and is sealed with horn toggles. Keep warm and stay trim!


This sample is grade “B” since we have updated the fit of this design. This fit accommodates a C cup or Smaller.

A sample goes through many phases before it is deemed fit for stock.

Many design companies will not sell these garments and even throw them out. We do not agree with this policy we feel that although some of our garments that will never see the shelf; they still have quality and value.

This gives development and sample items a chance to sell and our customers and opportunity to purchase a normally higher priced item at a reduced cost.

Our quality grading system ensures that each customer understands the quality of the finished product they are purchasing.

Please see our main shop images to view our size chart or ask us for help.

3 types of medical grade steel boning
3 layers of reinforced fabric
Available in sizes: XS – 3X
Professionally Clean Only

This size small will fit:

Bust 32-36
waist 24-27
hip 33-35


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