Our Business

Our Product

Every stitch is planned out and executed in our 6,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Dallas-Fort Worth Area in Texas.
Our goal is to flatter and enhance the female form without sacrificing comfort. Our corsets have 3 types of medical grade steel boning inside 3 layers of reinforced fabric. Our fashion corsets have industrial strength zippers next to the lacing in the back which allows one to simply zip into the corset, adjust for the desired tightness; then zip off when done. We also offer the traditional busk option for the corset purists out there.


Shopping with us

There are many purchasing options with our company.

  • Our Made to order Luxury Line is handcrafted and simple to order with styled garments featuring our own aesthetic twist. We are able extend lower pricing when keep a small inventory and stock the fabric; for this reason it is common for a size to be unavailable.  A Made to order item takes only 2-3 weeks (since the fabric is stocked)
  • Color Customization is available if additional colors are desired. Choose select styles from the Luxury Line or order a completely custom corset from scratch choosing from 7 fabric types in 62 colors and our 7 body styles (silhouettes). Custom color orders item have a 6-8 week lead time. Custom fit patterns will be quoted on a project basis.
  • We also offer many red tag discounted price levels in our shop on 1st generation garments. Anything we produce endures many test runs before we feel it is suitable for regular retail sales, this leaves us with extra garments that although will not make it to the retail shelf are still very well made. These are all marked with red tags.

Each item in our store is priced according to it’s completeness and similarity to the final retail product. Due to the intimate nature of the garment and the sale status of our in stock store items no refunds or exchanges will be available regarding in store red tag purchases.

Our process

From start-to-finish, we pride ourselves in making every part of our products in the USA. All of our styles and embroidery designs are produced in-house by our team. We do this to make sure that the quality of our garments are the best that they can be.

We take the time to package all of our products with care. All items are placed in a clear resealable bag, wrapped in tissue paper, and placed in a sturdy white box with a Taylor Lane logo sticker on the bottom right-hand corner.


Our achievements

We have perfected the ability to blend traditional corset techniques with the look of vests, tops, belts, and coats.

Corsets that shape beautifully, and move with you.

Our goals

Our goal is to make women feel confident in their own bodies. Our tops aren’t meant to be only lingerie. They are meant to embrace the form of every individual women no matter their size, shape, or age. There are vast opportunities for our unique designs, and our vision is to reach as many women as we can and make them feel their best.