• What is tightlacing?

    Tightlacing has been defined in different ways by various sources.  Most commonly it refers to either 1) tightening a corset as far as possible for a short period of time, such as a special event or photographic opportunity; or 2) a more intensive take on waist training which requires, most often, more than 75% of one’s time spent in a corset that is reduced at least 20% below their natural waist size.

  • I'm seeing words I don't understand- What do they mean?

    With Corsets we use a range of technical terms that can be confusing at first glance. Use our glossary to help decode what it all means and make your shopping even easier.

  • I just had a baby. How long should I wait until I use your product?

    Congratulations! You can typically wear a corset as soon as one week after giving birth. If you had a c-section, it is often advisable to wait two weeks. Every body is different, so please consult a doctor for a professional opinion.

  • How do I choose the best corset for me?

    If you have any questions or need advice on choosing a corset, feel free to contact us at (682) 224-5120 or taylor@taylorlanedesigns.com.

  • Can I wear a corset while sick?

    When suffering from a seasonal illness, such as a cold, flu, or stomach “bug”, use these two criteria as a litmus test: 1) Are any of the symptoms below the neck, such as nausea, body aches, or fever?  2) Is this illness preventing you from exercising, going to work, or attending class?  If either answer was “yes”, then you will likely benefit from some time out of your corset. Keep in mind that the sooner you heal, the more time you will have to waist train later.  In the case of a sickness which might not be a basic consequence of the change of seasons (consider mononucleosis, tuberculosis, or tonsillitis), rely on the advice of your doctor.

  • Will wearing a corset for long hours harm my skin?

    As with any kind of training, it’s important to mind your overall health during the process. This includes tending to your skin, especially around your waist. Simple techniques of daily cleansing, lightly exfoliating, and carefully moisturizing your torso are a great way to start. For those seeking extra protection for their skin, or those combating a humid environment while wearing a corset, a seamless liner and body powder will also make the process much more pleasant.

  • Do I have to force myself to sit through pain when waist training?

    Certainly not.  The reduction and frequency of wear must be adjusted based on stresses, activities, exercise, travel - you name it!  There exists a delicate balance between wearing a corset enough to achieve one’s waist training goals and to reap the benefits in health and self-esteem and knowing when to loosen the laces.  Otherwise, it is easy to come to despise the process.

  • Can waist training reduce your waist size permanently?

    The answer can change from one person to the next. The results for anyone, though, depend on their specific circumstances and their diligence in waist training.  More often than not, though, consistently wearing a corset with a modest reduction will result in a “persistent” reduction.  This kind of daily waist training can cause the tissues and organs in one’s midsection to shift slightly up or down.  However, if one would then stop wearing corsets altogether that “persistent” reduction would likely be lost and the waist would expand to its former circumference.

    Inches on the waist, or on any part of the body, can also be lost through waist training by those with a fair amount of extra body fat. For these individuals, the act of waist training can help them to reduce their consumption in a healthful way, not unlike bariatric surgery (except safer, cheaper, more glamorous, with less complications, without permanence, etc.). Corsets aren’t strictly a weight loss tool, but there’s little doubt that they can be used as one.

  • What if I don’t want to waist train but still want to wear a corset?

    By all means, do!  While it takes patience to see results from the waist training process, you can experience an instant improvement in posture and shape by wearing a slightly tightened corset.  You’re likely to find that a corset makes an excellent piece of foundation wear beneath a special event  outfit or as a statement piece on the outside.

  • How long does it take for waist training to work?

    Waist training is not something that happens over night - it requires diligent daily wear of a corset that spans months or years, depending on one’s goals.  For example, small changes may be seen with 10 hours of wear, 5 days per week, with a 15% reduction in about 3 months.  However, more dramatic alterations might require an aggressive regimen of corset wear, such as 20 hours of wear, 7 days per week, with a 25% reduction over the course of two or more years.  Wearing the corset consistently is also required to maintain any results.

  • Do I really need to break in my corset?

    Absolutely.  Not only is it necessary in order to lengthen the life of the corset, but a slow breaking in (also known as “seasoning”) process will promote a more enjoyable, more healthful experience for the wearer.  The Rule of Twos can work wonderfully for a large number of individuals who are wearing their new corset for the first time - two hours of wear at two inches of reduction for two weeks as a basic recipe for seasoning your new corset.  Depending on your experience with waist training, though, these numbers may fluctuate. In general, though, keep the following points in mind when considering if you should extend the seasoning time frame.

    • Allow more time to break in your corset if:
    • It is not custom to your measurements
    • It contains more than steel 25 bones
    • It is built with more than 2 layers of material
    • The reduction is greater than 6 inches
    • You are entirely new to steel-boned corsetry
  • What is waist training?

    Waist training is a process by which a corset is worn for the purpose of changing the human shape. This can include reducing the waistline, gently reshaping the rib-cage, and redistributing the flesh. Waist training requires hours of daily wear to achieve and maintain a measurable change.

  • What if I don't see something in my size?

    Oops, we're sorry - it might be temporarily our of stock. If it is a clearance item you can call and we can make one for you as a custom order or if the option is available click "Notify Me When Available" and we'll email you when your size is back in stock.

  • I need more control, should I go down a size?

    No, a smaller size won't fit right and it may cause pain.

  • How do I know which size to buy?

    We recommend you use our Size Chart on each product to make sure that you find the perfect fit. And of course, if you have any questions or need further advice, feel free to contact us at (682) 224-5120 or at taylor@taylorlanedesigns.com with your questions. We're here to help!

  • What size should I select if I plan on losing weight?

    Our corsets can make you look up to 2 dress sizes smaller instantly, depending on the compression level- but it shouldn't cause discomfort. We recommend to purchase a corset that is based on your current size, there will usually be a 3-4 inch gap when tightened at the back which will offer a good amount of space for weight lose.

  • What are my measurements?

    Review our Measuring Instructions on our Sizing Page to learn the right way to measure your bust, waist and hips.

  • I'm in between sizes. What should I do?

    We understand, not all bodies are the same. We recommend you use our Size Chart to make sure you find the perfect fit. But if you're outside the lines, don't worry here are some tips to consider.

    • Never size down! Our corset are made to slim down and smooth but if you sized down too much it would create bulges and discomfort.
    • Email or contact us. We are willing to help answer your questions to help find the right size.

    But if you are still concerned here at Taylor Lane Designs we do offer custom made corsets. You can schedule an appointment to create a corset that is according to your size and needs.

  • How do I select a properly sized corset?

    You can base on a percentage or fixed reduction. The most common guideline given is to select a corset with a waist measurement 4-5 inches below your own waist circumference. With percentages you will consider the percentage you would like to reduce and begin from there. An example would be if you would like to lose approximately 15% to start with - in this case an individual with a 40” waist might select a 34” corset, while someone with a 26” might select a 22” corset.  Find your size by measuring your natural waist (at the smallest point or 2-3 inches above your navel), and multiply it by 0.85.

  • How can I pay for my orders?

    You may pay with a debit or credit card. You may also order by phone weekdays from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Our phone number is (682) 224-5120.

    We accept the following as a form of payment:

    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • Discover
    • American Express
    • Amazon Pay
    • Paypal
    • Pay in Store
  • Do you store credit card information on file?

    For security, we do not store your credit card information on file. If you make an exchange for a more expensive item, we will contact you to retrieve payment (the difference).

  • I am having problems with checkout. What can I do?

    No problem! Just call us at (682) 24-5120 and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.

  • My order has shipped but I can't track it. How can I find out where it is?

    Tracking information may not be available for the first 24 to 48 hours after you receive you shipping confirmation email. If 48 hours have passed and you're still unable to track your order, please call us at (682) 224-5120 weekdays from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

  • Can I make a change to a backordered item in my order?

    To make changes to back ordered items, please call (682) 224-5120 and we will do our best to assist you. please keep in mind that making changes to or canceling a backorder may adjust any qualifying special offers or promotional offers that you may have received in the original purchase.

  • I would like to cancel my order. What can I do?

    If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us at (682)224-5120, weekdays from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM. If customer service is not available send an email requesting an order cancellation to taylor@taylorlanedesigns.com. Your order will be considered canceled once receive confirmation from Taylor Lane Designs. If your order has already been shipped and you would like to cancel your order, the shipping fees will be deducted from the refund credit amount.

  • I received a confirmation email. What is it?

    This is a confirmation of your order - think of it like a receipt. It confirms that your order was successfully submitted. The email includes the details of your purchase, including your order number, the products you purchased, order tracking numbers, etc. Hold onto this email for your records.

  • What is your return policy?

    Returns and Exchanges

    Returns and exchange policy

    Custom garments are non-returnable / Close out and clearance items are also non-returnable / Items of an intimate nature (worn tightly against the skin) are non-returnable

    We offer a 30 day money back guarantee or a 60 day full exchange on any garments that are not worn against the skin.

    Refunds are issued in the same manner payment was received.

    Faulty or defective Garment

    In the unlikely event an item is defective we will provide a full refund with in 30 days or an exchange with in 60 days for and item of lesser or equal value.

    Returned Items

    (The customer has a “duty of care” over the garment until it has been returned)

    • Must not be worn or soiled
    • Must be free of smell and odor
    • Corsets  that have been tight laced will be considered worn, due to the fact that your corset will quickly take on the shape of your body (if you are trying on for sizing please wear a tee shirt or tube top underneath to protect the garment and lace loosley to establish fit)


    How to Return an item

    • Contact us by email or phone and request either a refund or an exchange
    • We will issue a Return Authorization to be included with the original invoice in the package when shipped back.
    • Please note shipping and postage costs are non refundable.
    • Please allow 2-3 business days from when the product is received and sent to our quality control department for approval and then the refund will proceed.


    Second Party Purchases

    • Items purchased though a vendor must be returned, exchanged or refunded in the same manner it is purchased.
    • We will issue a Return Authorization to be included with the original invoice in the package when shipped back.
    • Please note shipping and postage costs are non refundable.
    • Please allow 2-3 business days from when the product is received and sent to our quality control department for approval and then the refund will proceed.
    • A credit will be issued back to the vendors account that originally purchased the garment so they may proceed accordingly with their own return policies.
    • All vendors are subject to our same return policy and processing procedure.
  • How do I return/exchange an item?

    For a free exchange, click here to request a shipping label – complete the web form and an shipping label will be emailed to you within 2 business days. Simply follow the instructions on the label and your exchange will be returned via free standard shipping. If you wish to receive a refund, a fee of $5 will be deducted from the amount of money returned. Note, we must receive your original item within 30 days of the date you received it. See our return policy for details.

  • Does Taylor Lane Designs ship internationally?


  • Part of my order is back ordered. Will you ship what you have or will I have to wait for the entire order to be available?

    We will ship the portion of your order that is in stock and issue a shipping confirmation and tracking number. We will inform you of the item(s) on backorder and there will be no additional shipping fee for your backordered item, when it becomes available.

  • How can I check the status of my order?

    You can check the status of your order by reviewing your order on your account. To sign into your account, click here. Or check your email order conformation and click on your tracking number.

  • How do packages appear when shipped?

    We take the time to package all of our products with care. All items are placed in a clear resealable bag, wrapped in tissue paper, and placed in a sturdy white box with a Taylor Lane logo sticker on the bottom right-hand corner.

  • How do I place an order online?

    Ordering on Taylor Lane Designs is quick and easy.

    1. To add an item to your Cart, simply click on "Add to Cart" from the product page.
    2. To view the items in your Cart click on the Cart icon in the upper left corner of the page.
    3. To remove an item from your Cart, click the "X" icon located to the left of the product in your bag. Your Cart will automatically recalculate your total.
    4. To change the quantity of an item in your Cart, click on the number quantity located near the right next to the product total. Then click on "Update Cart" to update your changes.
    5. Click on "Proceed to Checkout" to complete your purchase.
  • I ordered on a weekend and/or holiday. When will my order be processed?

    Orders placed on holidays, or weekends will be processed the following business day.

  • How soon will my order be shipped?

    Orders are processed within 2-3 weeks on off-the-rack styles. Custom orders are processed to 6-8 weeks depending on the style.