Custom Design

Waist training corsets and shape wear
Our designer waist training corsets are stylish, convenient, and easy to wear.

  1. Choose a silhouette / Decide if you would like to add embroidery
    Embroidery is done on clear plastic in three colors for each design.

    This way the color swatch book can be placed underneath to see fabric / embroidery color combinations.
  2. Choose a color from the color swatch book (in the folder)
    Check the reference at the bottom of the color card to see what “fabric type” is offered in that color.
  3. Choose your fabric type, closure method , and edge finish
    We will choose the best edging color that is in stock, but we will always use the customers Suggestion if it is available. We also reserve the right to override edge finish and closure method if we feel that it will benefit the integrity of the garment.

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Waist Training Corsets and Bustiers for the Modern Woman.