Bridal Gown Pricing

Wedding Gown Pricing Simplified

How It Works

1. Choose  how you would like to purchase your gown.

Off The Rack (OTR) / Cash and Carry
These gowns are in store and ready to take.

Made to Order / Custom Color Choice
For the Bride that does not want fit customization but does want a slightly different spin on the display dress; we offer additional color choices that are style appropriate.

Custom Fit / W Custom Color Choice
This package comes with the same color and design options as the “Made To Order Gowns” but you will be scanned into our new 360 body scanner and measurement platform where we will make sure your chosen design fits like a second skin.

Bespoke / Designer Gown
For the Bride that has a unique concept for us to develop; We will draft your idea from your body avatar generated from your body scan and imported into our 3d software.  You design will be made into a digital proof before we process the production order. 






During A Consultation...

  • Discuss our pricing structure.
  • We discuss design options and calculate a quote.
  • Elaborate on expectations and aesthetic tastes.

The First Fitting

  • We take your Measurements
  • A timeline / fitting schedule
  • A thumbnail sketch to elaborate on detail and communicate styling.
  • A swatch portfolio, based on the design consultation assists in ordering sample swatches.

The Refinements

A fitting  garment will be drafted with your measurements and refined throughout a series of fittings. It is known as a toile or a mock-up gown (a crude garment made for establishing fit) 


Once your pattern has been established, the final details will be reviewed and your fabric choices will be confirmed. Once your gown goes to final production, it takes an average of 8 months from the date of the final fitting to complete.

Add on’s and Additional Options 

Extra add on options, are quoted on an individual basis and greatly impact the final cost of your gown.

Some examples of these are:


  • Silk Fabric
  • Bridal gown trains will be quoted by fabric, length, and width 
  • Special Order Fabrics – These Fabrics range from $15 and can go upwards of $400 per yard.
  • Fabrics that require additional hand sewing; such as lace, beads or sequins will include additional time and cost.
  • Pleating / Rouching
  • Beading / Applique Work
  • Custom Embroidery
  • Other / Couture Fabric